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Engine Part

An intake system is composed of an intake manifold, which evenly distributes the fuel/air mixture from the engine cylinders to the intake ports found within the cylinder head, and its cover and is crucial in the efficiency and performance of the engine. It also fixes the fuel injector, throttle body, and electrical components of the engine.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system's function is to reduce the nitrogen compounds (NOx) in a vehicle's exhaust gas emissions by circulating some of the exhaust gas from petrol / diesel engines to the engine cylinder combustion chamber. In order to accurately control the flow of external air to lower the exhaust gas temperature, the dimensions and quality of the pipe material must be precise.

Most automobile engines are cooled to an appopriate level by implementing a water-cooling system. The heat generated durining combustion must be reduced in order to ensure combustion effiency and elongate the service life of the engine and its surrounding parts. In order to achieve this, the channel must have a complex design maintaining a tight travel path of the cooling water. The aluminum casting product, such as the water pump and thermostat housing, is produced through gravity casting.

For the majority of cars utilizing internal combustion engines, the automatic transmission is capable of adjusting the power generated by the engine to the proper torque and speed. The automatic transmission requires an oil pump with secure piplies for circulating hydraulic oil and controlling the internal power transfer mechanism. In addition, it is also necessary to support the internal and external fittings with a cover to prevent potential leaks of internal fluid. It is vital to use low pressure/gravity casted aluminum for such parts to ensure high durability and light weight.

For petrol / diesel engines, it is necessary to have turbocharger to compress the fuel/air mixture and suppliy into the cylinder by utilizing the pressure of the exhaust gas. Sand core casting is implemented In order to create an accurate and airtight product of such a complex design.

Manifold Inlet Ass'y(GDC)

Manifold Upper Inlet(GDC)

Manifold Cover(GDC)

Gasoline Intake Manifold(GDC)

Dissel Intake Manifold(GDC)

Dissel-small ENG EGR Housing(GDC)

Dissel-common use ENG EGR Housing(GDC)

EGR Pipe Ass'y(GDC)

Dissel-Large ENG EGR Housing(GDC)

Dissel ENG Thermostat Housing(GDC)

Gasoline Thermostat Housing(GDC)

Gasoline Thermostat Housing(GDC)

common use G EVG WATER PUMP Housing(GDC)

Tran. Front Cover(GDC)

Tran. Oil Pump Cover(GDC)

common use ENG Compressor Housing(GDC)

Gasoline ENG Compressor Housing(GDC)

Diessl ENG Compressor Housing(GDC)


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